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D.F.E is a small multi-tasking machine shop nestled in the woods of Clarkston, Michigan with  31 years of experience. Our experience gives us the edge to develop many small-run prototype programs for a diverse group of customers. Customers from small businesses to large corporations have utilized our services. The programs we develop have gone to large production quantities as well as several U.S. Patents.   We achieve the “right” results by listening to our customers and working with them to develop exactly what is needed. Innovation is the key to our success.

We have developed, machined, and fabricated many types of plastics and supplied components to produce electro-mechanical devices for automotive to agriculture. You name it, we’ve probably done it.     

We are not strangers to getting programs that “just ain’t right”, and working on them until you’re happy. Until you get “what is right”. We have a great selection of local shop owners that add to our ability to get what ever task that is required done  and done RIGHT !!! We pride our selves on doing the job

Besides our vast experience, our hobbies have given us a diverse ability to work with new technologies. We use the products we create. We improve the products we use. Our products speak for themselves. Everything from award winning Golf carts / Snowmachines / Scooters / Cycles / Advanced engine development / All Types of Engine Machining- Computer controls.  Ask our customers, We Truly have retained the good old fashioned Pride And work Ethics, that Is  OUR MISSION.